Gas Rate Calculator

Version 1.0

Gas Rate Calculator for iPhone and iPad is for calculating gas rates for Gas Service Engineers and Installers. The application will calculate gas rating for both Imperial and Metric gas meters up to 16 cubic metres.

  • Calculates gas rates for imperial meters
  • Calculates gas rates for metric meters
  • Results in BTU's and kW
Available on the iPhone

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

Imperial Meter calculations

Metric Meter Calculations

Calculation results

Brilliant and easy to use!! Worth every penny!!

- Philwil 17

Saves time referring to charts I use it everyday now

- Meekon

This app is a life saver. Good Stuff!

- Gas Man Notts

Great easy to read well layed out and most importantly accurate. Would benefit from a reminder that that the test period for an E6 is 2 minutes otherwise PERFECT!

Gas Man Rob
How it works - Imperial Meters?

For imperial meters you select the gas type (Natural Gas, Propane or Butane) and the size test dial size (1 CuFt or 5 CuFt). Click the start button which starts the timer, after one full revolution of the test dial click stop and all the results will be displayed.

How it works - Metric Meters

For testing metric meters you select the gas type (Natural Gas, Propane or Butane) and enter the initial meter reading. Click the start button and wait 2 mins (or until the meter presents the next full reading) and then click stop and enter the final reading. The results are then accurately calculated based on the actual number of seconds the test was carried out for.

What are the results it provides?

The results are all provided in both Net and Gross for each of the following:

  • Gross kW per hour
  • Gross Btu per hour
  • Cubic ft used per hour
  • Cubic Metre used per hour
  • Litres used per hour

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App Screenshots

Gas Rate Calculator 1.0

Released on 07/10/2010
  • New: Calculate Meteric meter gas rates
  • New: Calculate Imperial meter gas rates

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